Marielle Combier-Kapel


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I am a fullstack software engineer in New York City. My programming language is Javascript, and I am proficient in the NERD (Node.js, Express, React/Redux, and Databases(PostgreSQL)) stack. I am a psychology major, turned yoga instructor, turned web developer. I love traveling and exploring new places, and enjoy a challenging hike through nature. I spend most of my time doing yoga, attending concerts, and hanging out with my dog Max. I am a bananagrams master, and love solving puzzles.

I graduated from New York University with a BS in Applied Psychology, which was deeply rooted in culture, education, and research. I loved learning about what makes people tick, and the complexities of the human experience. I realized toward the end of my time at NYU that I was compelled by the experience of trying to understand something extremely complex (the human mind!), rather than by the prospect of a career in the field. I initially started playing around with HTML and CSS to pass the time, but I soon fell in love with coding. I love programming because it marries my love of puzzles/problem solving, my deep desire to understand complexity, and my creative fire to build useful tools. I am so excited to be in a field that is constantly changing, and am looking forward to career of continuous learning!



Crowd-sourced playlist application

Deployed HERE

Platypus is an app that allows users to collaborate on a single playlist. One user hosts a room and is given a room key to invite others to join that room. Anyone with the room key can access the playlist of that room and search for songs to add or vote on what they want to hear. Users are limited to one vote per song so they cannot override the wishes of the majority, and the crowd favorite will always be the next in queue. Platypus was developed in 2.5 weeks from inception to "completed" (is anything ever really done?). I worked on all aspects of this project, and there were two major hurdles:

  • Setting up socket rooms so each room only received information intended for that specific room
  • Limiting users to one vote per song, per room, which involved an overhaul of our schema and a through table linking to another through table

Team Members: Marielle Combier-Kapel, Eileen Galindo, Samiul Huque, Keith Nocera

Google Cloud Storage
Semantic UI
Google OAuth


E-commerce website to purchase luxury watches

Deployed HERE

Timeless Watches is a retail website with the look and feel of luxury. Shoppers can browse as a guest or a logged in user, and view all of our watches, or click on a watch to see specific details. When a watch is added to the cart, you can add more or remove it entirely. The cart persists if you refresh and even if you log out, your cart will be waiting for you when you log back in. A user can checkout using stripe, and view their order history. Users can also update their profile information, but only admins can delete products from the site. This site was completed in 1 week, and some major hurdles included:

  • Cart persistence through most use-cases, but not when a logged in user logs out
  • Implementing the stripe api to take payment

Team Members: Marielle Combier-Kapel, Eileen Galindo, Sasha Kayola, Jason Levine

Stripe API
Local Storage
Google OAuth


React Native application to locate privately owned public spaces in NYC

Code on github HERE

Have you ever walked past a building and realized there were trees in the lobby? Or maybe it was an outdoor space with tables and chairs and a waterfall? New York City has hundreds of these spaces that are privately owned (well maintained), but open for use by the general public. I have only ever discovered these spaces by accidentally walking past one, or having someone who happened to walk past one tell me about it. So I created Space Finder which takes the data from the city of New York, and gives you the exact locations with pins on a map, and a description of the type of space that is there. Space Finder was created in 4 days for a hackathon and had many hurdles such as:

  • The data was originally in Microsoft Access which I was unable to open on a mac, so I used a PC to convert the data into JSON
  • The data itself was not as comprehensive as I had hoped, hence the use of the MapQuest geocoding API
  • I learned a new technology for this project, React Native with expo, and figured out that expo runs on it's own local host so the server I created had to use my computer's IP address, which changed depending on my location

Sole developer

React Native
NYC Government Data
MapQuest Geocoding API
View my full resume HERE


Fullstack Academy

May 2019

  • Completed a 17 week immersive fullstack software development course
  • Learned frontend and backend development with specialization in Javascript, Node.js, Express, Sequelize, PostgreSQL, React, and Redux
  • Developed multiple high quality products in a limited timeframe both individually and as a part of a team


'Build a Website From Scratch'

  • Completed a 10 week intensive front-end course
  • Learned advanced HTML and CSS, along with some Jquery
View my capstone HERE


BS Applied Psychology && AS Liberal Arts

  • Spent my freshman year abroad in Florence, Italy
  • Spent 3 years on a research team studying the achievement gap and the impact of meditation when implemented in at-risk schools



Software Engineer

October 2019 - Present

  • Dive into legacy code to build features for millions of users around the world
  • Liaise with important stakeholders (product, design, code owners, etc.) to determine technical tradeoffs and discuss how to move forward
  • Run experiments on the website to improve user experience and improve company performance
Grace Hopper

Software Engineering Teaching Fellow

June 2019 - September 2019

  • Daily mentorship of 20 students on engineering technical concepts, software architecture, and debugging strategies
  • Curate algorithms for admissions assessments and conduct technical interviews for applicants
  • Lead weekly interactive review lectures covering implementation of full­range APIs and best practices of Fullstack’s NERD stack
Warby Parker

Sales Advisor/ Social Innovation Lead

Nov. 2017 to Feb. 2019

  • Effectively drove sales through extensive product knowledge, consistently top sales for the day
  • Passionately communicated the philosophy and impact of the brand
  • Trained and supervised five to ten new members of a 20 person sales team
Brooklyn Athletic Club

Assistant Operations Manager/ Membership Consultant

Feb. 2016 to Oct. 2017

  • Managed and tracked up to 400 member accounts to ensure all information was correct and that memberships were up to date
  • Anticipated and resolved issues to ensure positive member experience and retention
  • Trained and supervised new employees and assisted in on­boarding process